Next-gen global community for independent artists.


A blockchain-based collaboration tool that
puts artists and people who support music in direct contact
to create together a music ecosystem.


  • communityfeature:1/5

    A new global community will be born, where artists, curators, people involved in the music industry, media and listeners can all play a partwithout needing to be aware of frontiers, contracts or tax systems.

  • connectfeature:2/5

    Joining this community will give each participant a direct connection to all the others, and an access to resources that would otherwise be difficult to reach.

  • collaborationfeature:3/5

    In addition to collaborations among artists as conventionally imagined, other kinds of collaborations can happen between people in the community, who can all bring their own resources to the table. Each action boosting an exchange of cultural capital, such as the diffusion of music works by curators and media, or the creation and support of fan communities, may contribute to the growth of the community.

  • culturefeature:4/5

    A whole new culture revolving around the artists will be born from the creativity of collaborative works such as music, artworks, videos, live performances, NFTs and more.

  • commitmentfeature:5/5

    All of the connections surrounding artists and the activities contributing to the community will be made visible, and those whose efforts have been rarely repaid until now will received rewards such as tokens (*1).


  • roadmap:1function
    • 1

      (In progress) Dashboard Launch / Alpha Version Launch

    • 2

      Release of the Graph token function

    • 3

      Voting Function (Membership NFT)

    • 4

      MusicNFT Management Function

  • roadmap:2community
    • 1

      (In progress) Start of the Information Sessions for Artists

    • 2

      Start of the Information Sessions for Curators

    • 3

      Start of the Information Sessions for Music Industry Professionals

    • 4

      Start of the Information Sessions for Music Listeners

    • 5

      Start of the Information Sessions for Global Participant

  • roadmap:3event
    • 1

      (Done) Launch Event

    • 2

      (In progress) MusicNFT 1st release

    • 3



  • 1
    What is FRIENDSHIP.?
  • 2
    Is it different from the current FRIENDSHIP. ?
  • 3
    What is a DAO ?
  • 4
    How can I join the FRIENDSHIP. DAO?
  • 5
    Can listeners also join ?
  • 6
    What are the FS points (FSP) ?
  • 7
    Is it possible to issue an NFT ?
  • 8
    Do you consider the environmental impact of blockchain?
  • 9
    Is it a project centered on 3 different companies?


  • Tatsuya NomuraHIP LAND MUSIC CEO
  • Takayuki SuzukiParadeALL CEO
  • Naoki AkazawaEngineer / CTO, Fracton Ventures
  • Nobuyuki TakedaMusician (LITE)
  • Yuto UchinoMusician (The fin.) /Music Producer
  • Daisuke TairaFRIENDSHIP. Curator / DJ
  • Kazuto YamazakiFRIENDSHIP. / Artist Manager
  • Lauriane BedinFRIENDSHIP. / Artist Manager
  • Kyoko UtsueFRIENDSHIP.
  • Yudai SuzukiCo-Founder, Fracton Ventures
  • Toshihiko KameiCo-Founder, Fracton Ventures